Basics – Lobs & Overhead Smash

Basics – Lobs & Overhead Smash

Basics – Lobs

  1. A lofted shot that sends the ball high overhead and deep.
  2. Purpose: To catch the opponent off guard or force him/her back to the baseline (offensive). It can also be effective as a defensive shot to buy time to get into position for an offensive shot.
  3. Offensive: An unexpected lob from the NVZ line over your opponent at the NVZ line or as he/she is running to the net.
  4. Defensive: A lob from the baseline allowing the lobbing team time to move to the NVZ line. However, players must be aware that the opponent may return the lob with an overhead smash (see below). It might be safer to use a drop shot as an approach shot instead.
  5. From the baseline, take a backswing and contact the ball in front of the body with paddle face open to lift the ball and send it high, then follow through fully (paddle at least head high).
  6. The trajectory should carry the ball over the opponent’s outstretched paddle and land inbounds near the baseline.
  7. Lobbing over the opponent when dinking can create the advantage of surprise.

Basics – Overhead Smash

  1. A hard, overhand shot directed downward into the opponent’s court, usually as a return of an opponent’s lob, high return, or high bounce.
  2. The paddle is extended over the head at maximum height with elbow straight.
  3. Aim at an open spot on the opponent’s court or at the feet of an opponent, not at the body.
  4. Never back up to position for an overhead. Shuffle sideways or turn around and run into position. Backpedaling is a dangerous maneuver.
  5. Look up and point toward the ball with non-paddle hand.
  6. Contact the ball as high as possible and in front of you, shifting weight from the back foot to the front foot as the ball is contacted with a downward swing and often a wrist flex (snap).
  7. The backhand overhead smash may require flexing the wrist backwards.
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