Chinese Homepage 中文介绍

Chinese Homepage 中文介绍

    This website is primarily targeted towards cross-border e-commerce sales, with the interface predominantly in English.

HEICK pickleball is one of the professional brands in the domestic cross-border e-commerce market specifically catering to the pickleball market. The brand specializes in the design, development, and sales of pickleball paddles and related accessories. The business started primarily online, with major sales channels including Amazon, shopify, and other online platforms both domestically and internationally. HEICK has gained a certain market share in the industry on major overseas e-commerce platforms such as Amazon and has established a level of recognition and reputation.

HEICK pickleball is committed to shaping the Chinese pickleball sports brand in the global market. Through continuous innovation, the brand aims to bring leading products with technological charm to consumers worldwide and promote the beauty of Chinese manufacturing. HEICK has successfully created internationally certified products, such as ColorsFun, MUSIC G2, NONTSTOP, and further expanded their business scope by excelling in accessories like nets, balls, and sets.

Since its establishment, HEICK pickleball has also set up a pickleball club in Shenzhen, where they hold weekly experiential classes, teaching sessions, and challenging competitions. They welcome all pickleball enthusiasts to come and exchange their knowledge and skills.

If you are interested in accessing pickleball video tutorials, please visit our official Douyin platform: Shenzhen Pickleball Club.

If you have any equipment-related purchasing needs, please visit our official Taobao store: HEICK Pickleball Equipment Direct Store.

Furthermore, we have our own pickleball equipment factory and welcome pickleball paddles OEM orders for further discussions.

Thank you for your support and trust.

HEICK service hotline: +8618688709333 (WeChat number)


    HEICK pickleball,是国内跨境电商专门针对pickleball市场的专业品牌之一,专注于pickleball球拍和相关匹克球配件的设计、研发和销售。企业业务从线上起步,主要销售渠道为Amazon、shopify等海内外线上平台,在亚马逊等境外大型电商平台上占据一定的行业市场份额,拥有一定的知名度和美誉度。

      HEICK pickleball致力于在全球市场塑造中国匹克球运动品牌,通过不断创新,将富有科技魅力的领先产品带向全球消费者,弘扬中国智造之美。成功打造了ColorsFun,MUSIC G2, NONTSTOP等国际匹克球协会认证单品,并进一步拓宽业务领域,在匹克球网,球,套装等配件均有出色表现。








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