Pickleball Paddle Guide Comparing From Manufacturer  | Heick Pickleball

Pickleball Paddle Guide Comparing From Manufacturer | Heick Pickleball


    Many people recommend the beginners to purchase the traditional wood paddles since it is cheaper on the market, however, the wood paddle is heavy that not good to the beginners, It is very difficult to control.

    Beginners also need to practice pickle ball constantly. It may be indoors or outdoors, considering the less louder voice, we are more recommend to use paddle which made by polymer core with composites.

    It offers the best control. With better accuracy and quiet, Most importantly, it comes affordable now.

Enthusiast :

    For pickleball enthusiast that have got the stable skills, in addition to the paddle weights, they are more consider the durability and control of ball. In this way, we suggest to choose polymer core with unidirectional caron fiber surface paddle.

    This combination paddles that excel in both durability and lightweight properties. The soft surface also creates a cushioning effect, which makes the paddle less reflective and allows it to have more contact with the ball.

    This increases ball control and ensures that you hit more winning shorts.

Professional player:

    Professional players have higher requirements for pickleball paddles, It should consider the rule of the pickleball competition, it is important to win the game every time. it require extremely paddle control and power as well.

    In this case, you can choose the nomex core with unidirectional carbon fiber surface, even it cost a little higher, but it is with the best performance of ball control and power.      When you hear the crisp sound “boom” on the competition, you are full of confidence to win this game.

Star players:

     For star players, in addition to meeting the above points, also require more, such as durable, longer-lasting use as well as give unique meanings. In this case, you could choose nomex core with carbon fiber surface (3K twill / UD / Diamond weave), it is with features of high strength and light weight for carbon fiber, also the diamond weave carbon fiber is rare and unique on the market to make you different.

Graphics on the paddle surface:

    We talked about how to choose the materials of paddle above, now we would like to introduce the graphic options on paddle surface.

    Typically we use UV printing method for paddles which is the popular way on the market, also we put a white or clear varnish on the bottom, in this way, it could make the graphic do not easy to peel off and more durable.

    If you realize that some paddle surface do not have a reflection effect, that is because we add matte varnish after UV print, it is to prevent the sunshine reflection from causing damage to the opponent when playing on outdoors, while also protecting the graphic damage from hitting and make it more lasting.

Spin control of the paddle:

    Moreover, in order to increase the spin control of paddle, we offer 2 different options. One of that is to add the frosted materials on the top of the carbon fiber or fiberglass surface. In this way, the rotation effect is more stable, and it looks similar with other normal paddle and it is very concealed to be founded, It keeps you cool when hitting the ball and wins this game easily.

    The other way is add granular clear varnish on UV print process, in this case, it is obvious to feel the granular on surface, it increase the paddle friction so that with stronger spin control of the ball. Compare to the both, it is more stable and lasting to add the frosted materials.

Paddle Measurements:

    People choose the paddle shape and size varies from their height and different usage habits. we have traditional shape paddle, Semi-slender paddle, Slender paddle, customized shape would be acceptable as well.

    The combined width and length of the paddle surface cannot exceed 24 inches and the length cannot exceed 17 inches. The typical paddle is about 15 inches or 16 inches long and eight or nine inches wide.

Handle grips and accessories:

    Considering you are easy to get sweat on the intense competition, commonly we offer the handle grips made of sweat absorption materials. Of course, we could offer customized grips according to your detailed needs.

The above are some of our suggestion for your reference, if you have any ideas, please feel free to contact us, thank you!



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