How to choose the pickleball paddle ?

How to choose the pickleball paddle ?

Pickeball is a kind of sport that uses paddle to hit the ball. It is rising from Ben birich island in Seattle. It can be said that it is a mixture of tennis, badminton and table tennis. Pickeball can even be played in any field or age. It's a composite sport for the whole people. How to choose the pickleball paddle ?

Firstly: choose from the weight of the pickleball paddle 

At present, the weight of rackets on the market is mostly between 170g-240g, and our recommended weight is between 210g-220g.

A paddle weighing between 170g and 210g will give you more mobility when you hit the ball, as well as faster responsiveness to the ball. The pickleball paddle with a weight of 210-220g is relatively balanced in terms of strength, mobility, penetration and stability. With a weight of 221g-240g, the paddle will provide greater penetration and stability, which is more suitable for the players who hit the ball fiercely.


Secondly,choose from the grip of the pickleball paddle :

About the selection of the grip of the pickleball paddle , 1. Look at the size, usually the grip size is between 12-13.8cm, of course, there are 11cm grips, how to simply look at the size of the grip to suit yourself, according to the distance between yourself and the crease of the palm, in addition, the grip must be made of non slip and comfortable materials.


Thirdly, the choice of paddle material:

At present, there are three kinds of materials on the market. The first one is the early popular wooden pickleball paddle , which is heavier, feels better, has low cost and is not durable. It is more suitable for students and people who have just started to learn the pickleball game;

The second is the popular PP honeycomb + carbon fiber pickleball paddle . This kind of paddle is quieter than other materials, and it can effectively reduce the impact of the pickleball ball in high-speed operation. It can reduce the injury of reaction force on human wrist in the process of impact is a kind of material that is generally loved by the fans of pick racket and athletes of all levels.

The third is aramid honeycomb + carbon fiber. The pick paddle made of this new material has two obvious characteristics:Firstly, the sound is very clear when hitting the ball. Secondly, the weight is very light. Its weight is generally 170g-210g, because aramid is a new fiber material, so its price is very expensive.

To sum up, we suggest you choose PP honeycomb + carbon fiber pickleball paddle . We are also looking forward to your consultation 

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