Heick pickleball, national city tour in china

Heick pickleball, national city tour in china


The HEICK team participated in the Shenzhen leg of the China Pickleball Tour on March 23 and 24, 2024, and achieved excellent results! This is our once again appearance at the Chinese National Pickleball League, and we feel extremely honored to compete in the team stage with 23 excellent teams from across the country!





As a team from Shenzhen, we are curious about the Chinese Pickleball culture and the enthusiasm of our fans. We are well aware that Pickleball is a brand new world-class sport with a large number of enthusiasts. We hope that through this competition, we can have close contact with our teammates and further spread the joy and joy of playing sports!



The HEICK team values happy and healthy sports as their core values. We give our all in the competition to showcase our strength and style. We believe that only by competing with top teams can we continuously improve ourselves and move towards higher stages.


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