Emerging Sport Pickleball Debuts At Guangzhou Sports Festival

Emerging Sport Pickleball Debuts At Guangzhou Sports Festival

On August 15, 2020, the 2020 Guangzhou Sixteenth Sports Festival Pickleball National Fitness Carnival was held in Guangzhou Workers Stadium.







"2020 National Fitness Day and the 16th Guangzhou Sports Festival Pickleball Exchange Fitness Carnival" series of activities are guided by Guangzhou Sports Federation and Guangzhou Federation of Trade Unions, hosted by Guangzhou Mass Sports Guidance Center, and Guangzhou Pickball Organized by the Association, Yi Chi (Guangzhou) Sports and Cultural Industry Co., Ltd., and co-organized by Guangzhou Workers Stadium and Guangzhou Sports Lottery Management Center, it promotes pickleball to the employees and the masses of the city.

At this event, Pickleball became a sporting event of Guangzhou Sports Festival for the first time. This is not only the Guangzhou Sports Session’s recognition of Pickleball as a new "National Sports", it further highlights the extensive development of colorful national fitness projects in the Sports Festival and encourages The original intention of citizens to actively participate in physical exercises, improve their physical fitness, and move towards the health of the whole people has also given the opportunity to promote and display pickleball, an emerging sport suitable for all ages, and better serve the cause of national fitness.

Pickleball is a mixed sport that integrates table tennis, badminton, tennis, and squash. It has a 56-year history of development. According to the data released by the World Pickleball Federation in 2019, it is 675 times the annual growth rate. It has become one of the most rapidly developing group sports in the world.

From a technical perspective, there are currently a large number of table tennis, badminton and tennis fans and participants in my country. It is very feasible to promote pickleball in this context.

Guangzhou is the first city in the country to develop pickleball sports. In recent years, Shenzhen, Zhuhai, and Zhaoqing have also established pickleball associations, which are not only favored by many retired intellectuals, but also many teenagers, middle-aged and young people with the concept of pursuing healthy and fashionable life. Officials, white-collar workers, and college students all regard pickleball as a fashion.

Pickleball is very interesting and inclusive, eclectic, innovative and open. It can also be used for leisure exercise without a sports foundation. The rules are easy to understand and learn, with low sports injury and low exercise intensity. Participants are not restricted by age and gender, 6 years old Up to the age of 80, four generations can do it together in the same class. It can be called a national fitness exercise, which is unmatched by many sports!

It is not easy to promote an emerging sport that is in line with international standards, but this is innovation and progress. The Guangzhou Pickleball Association builds and promotes the leisure and fitness sport of Pickleball with a positive mind, and looks forward to more pioneers, The joining of promoters and participants.


Before the opening ceremony of this carnival event, there was an introduction session of Peak Ball. The international referee of pickleball introduced the origin and basic rules of the event, and the Peak Ball coach performed the show. At the opening ceremony, the participating leaders and guests watched the pickleball admission etiquette and exhibition match, followed by an experience challenge. The students from Guangdong Overseas Chinese Middle School, which took the lead in the development of pickleball in Guangzhou, also participated in the exhibition. Finally, there were students, Experience activities for citizens and Pickleball members.


The pickleball Carnival that day was wonderful, divided into 6 areas: exhibition area, ring challenge area, skill fighting area, interactive experience area, consultation and teaching area. Pickleball international coaches and citizens presented their skills and accepted the challenge of citizens' courage and technology. ; Citizens can obtain exquisite sports equipment and supplies through the display of personalized hard work; they can also participate in fun and rewarding interactive games of pickleball knowledge.

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